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Monday, June 13, 2011

What We Did Was Our Best...Part 1

And finally,I'm back from Malacca from IPMa race.Tired of sitting in bus for 10++ hours(even when I was visiting my girlfriend in Johore I didn't feel as numb as this time)

This trip wasn't a succees afrer all,as our team was degenerating in car performance,with race cars having "DNF" tag....sigh.

I was aiming to score at the presentation part.Me and my partner was anticipating in practising for the 10-minute session;but when we entered the room,I was nervous with my script in my hand being squeezed tightly.

(Presentation in progress..)

And my conclusion is,those judges were morons after all.One of them said that our CFD analysis wasn't in the presentation scope,and he dared to say that he had no idea on what's CFD.

Listen here,dear morons.Never accept any offer if you're incapable to  judge well,ok?
Our team did everything that's correct,I have my faith on our work~

Now preparing for part 2 at Kuala Lumpur,wish us luck folks~~

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