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Thursday, March 10, 2011

So I Started A Joke,Money Craze Joke

Not a song's name,to be exact.
Since I was a kid,I'd always wanted to earn more money.For what?
I remembered I had a font on remote-controlled devices,e.g.:RC car,RC helicopter,television remote control,etc....
And my mother has always been my opposition(Now still is).Argh,my dream car,my dream toy....
Nevermind,at least now I know that
we will have to earn before we could spend.
Back to my story.So as time goes,and technology develops in the speed of light,I come across with WWW,a.k.a. World Wide Web.Actually,I was kinda "reluctant" when I first wrote my first comment in Facebook."Is this the reason why my friends glued their eyes to the screen?"
LOL.(I learned this right after following comments,really LOL)
Then I was also gstuck with this savvy thing.Almost 96.54% of my 24 hours I have my laptop accompanied with me,now when I recall this I was kinda felt sorry for my laptop~~/.\

One day,I was checking email as usual to look for any new notifications when suddenly,I spotted an email in spam section.The title was about making online money,if i was not mistaken.The first thing that came across my mind was:"Does it has something to do with money laundering or similar..??" Luckily I didn't delete that email,as I skimmed through the page and almost joined the group.But I did had a new idea since then.So as the Chinese proverb says:
maybe I could learn on making money instead of reviewing countless status updates in Facebook.No offence ya Mark Zuckerberg=]
The first thing I approach is through answering surveys.I Google-search any website that offers survey profit and join them.It took me 3 hours to complete my first ever survey,thanks to my "effecient" internet provider in my university.But then it didn't pull me back,and by God's will,now I can see a little achievement on it(owh yea~~) and just now,I have just completed survey~

The second thing after I've done with these survey is blogging.Talking about blogging,I guess teenagers nowadays KNOW how to blog ya~~=)
But how to earm money by blogging?If you guys have a good observation power,in your Blogger dashboard,there's a "Monetize"tab.Click on that and sign up for the Adsense program,proudly presented by Google~~Find suitable ads and post them on your blog.Done step 1.Next step is to find more traffics driving to your site and have them click on your ads,then you'll get paid.Simple isn't?But make sure that you don't make invalid clicks ya,as Google has engineers to keep review on these subjects.I was the victim of it.(sigh...)
Anyway,I do have another ways to make me "enriched",haha~~I sign up for another advertising website and so,do click on my ads if you are interested ya~~

That's not all,yet.Do have a search on PTC,full abbrevation cited as pay-to-click.I do not know much about this money-making rumour.How does this works? Well ,after you've signed up for a particular PTC site,all you have to do is to click & view advertisements,for 30 seconds to be precise.However,there are limitations if you sign up as free member.Now this is what I get the trick.You will have to rent referrals in order to have higher click rates and more advertisements,funny eh~XD
Of course,I won't invest on this pyramid-like scheme,as I question its reliability.Can't say too much here,you may go to have a light experience ya~~

Owh ya,yesterday I discovered another way to make money~Go have a look here~
I do feel this way of making money is far more meaningful than the other ways I memtioned just now.All you have to do is write articles on subjects you prefer,post it and get reviewed.If you are a good writer ,you wil get paid.Even simpler isn't it?
Argh,too bad I would still have to polish on my writing skills(==")

And in all,I guess I will have a neverending jokes on making money~~

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