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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Direction in Blogging~~

Arh...mid-term exam is over,and so do my one week holiday~~Recalling of my output?RM50++(working part-time for 2 days) and ample time to sleep.
It has been for a while I didn't get a good sleep then.

Well fortunately,to enhance my total output for the holiday,I borrowed a book,which I want to share with you guys.Especially for those who wants to make revenue from their hobby.

Once I read a quote in Reader's Digest which says:
"Hobby doesn't pay you,you pay for the hobby." 

Yes,I agree with that.But haven't we look at a glance when hobby sometimes might work for you?
In this case,of course I'm mentioning about blogging.So this is the book I wanna introduce to folks here," Start Your Own Blogging Business" 2nd Edition by Jason R.Rich ~Here's the cover of the book:
Maybe some of you have seen this book,but personally this is the best guidebook I've seen so far.You see,there are lots of how-to guidebook in the market nowadays;and to seek for a simple yet informative ones aren't many.If you guys do remember,the primary reason why i first started blogging is to make money(hehe,I'm money-faced).But hey,not a bad idea if we can combine work plus hobby together,right?

Jason R.Rich is definitely writing the guidelines well.So,I'm going to rearrange my blogging style;that is to provide more sophisticated yet rich content.Please support me ya,and the book~=]

Will follow up soon.

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