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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Review On Registry Cleaner Free

So I have tried this tweak software named "Registry Cleaner Free".As most of you guys already know what registry cleaner does(if not refer to my previous blog post thanks),I'll give my review straight away~

This is its introduction about the software:
Who we are

Registry Cleaner Free is dedicated to bringing powerful PC optimization software to the new busy. Striving to improve PC performance, we stand on the principal that providing the best solution in the right way. With our professional R&D team, consisting of certified technicians, developers, marketers and management, we have made great achievements and are highly valued in this field.

Registry Cleaner Free Software products are really user-friendly, with the design concept of creating easy but powerful solution to improve computer's speed and stability. Characterized by multi-function, user-friendly interface, efficient support and the free charge, our software is always a splendid model in its class.

Registry Cleaner Free, striving for excellence in state-of-the-art global technology services, will do our utmost to continue in providing good solutions to meet consumers' need and bring them more excellent software and service.
 As for the screenshots:

Registry Cleaner Free :: Registry Cleaner Free - Overview

1. Registry Cleaner Free - Overview

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Windows Maintenance

2. Windows Maintenance

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Scanning

3. Scanning

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Curing

4. Curing

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Settings

5. Settings
Registry Cleaner Free :: Restore Center

6. Restore Center

Registry Cleaner Free :: Tools

7. Tools

As many other softwares available on the market,it has several features,namely registry cleanup,privacy sweep,junk files removal & system optimization.Extra utilities including control panel,system information,disk cleaner,disk checker,file pulverizer & cloned file filter is available in the software.To me it fulfills what it takes to be a all-rounder cleaner.

Nevertheless,it has its drawbacks,such as free versions can only fix 5 problems at a time,which is utterly not enough with the increasing use of machines(surely our machine has more than these numbers of problems).However,you may get the license for full version,by writing reviews on it;just like what I'm doing right now.

If only i get the full license,i swear Registry Cleaner software will be sufficient for your use in future~
For further information about this tweak software,visit the website by clicking here.

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