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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F**K You Part 1:Cityliner Bus

Sorry for the vulgar words on the headings.I bet most of the fellas living at the northern Malaysia should get what I mean here.Yea,there's no bus service available for local route,especially for the suburbs~Let's have a look at my hometown first shall we?

And here's more:
A lady looking at the notice,how pathetic are we!
Screenshot of the news

While this may resemble the end of their so-call "Consistently loss of profit",the people,living in urban areas & outskirts is now suffering~I recall myself going back to my hometown with limited transport option,getting the-one-and-only bus number 2(Alor Setar-Sungai Petani) with awfulness.
Guess what,I walked back to my house at the price of 1 hour time(as I do not fancy cab service)!

Ever thought of social responsibility?How would you value a community where the people has limited mobility due to inconvenience?Who would spend a fortune to get a ride for taxi?And how many people out there afford to have cab service?
My question:Does the authority ever take any action?

You know the answer.It's been a month then,and I see no official statement given out from the local authorities.Being the largest bus company in the country is nothing but bullock if they can't serve the people.

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