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Sunday, December 11, 2011

List Of A Little Enjoyments In Life~~

Here's what I've thought of while I was on the bus,check it out~~

1.Sit beside of the bus window,and look at the scenery(moving people & objects);merit if MP3s
   are plugged in~
2.Looking rain droplets in warm house with a cup of hot chocolate~
3.Listening to the fav song,the only fav song while looking at its lyrics(Well,different time has
   different feelings~)
4.Crave for food with friends,even if you'll gain few pounds & you cry for that~
5.Watching novel/e-book within a day!!(quite hectic,but it's fun to me!XD)
6.Tickle your best friend,and run away~
7.Throw pebbles/small stones to the river~
8.Learn a small trick,and show it to friends or family~
9.Pick up coins at the roadside(Damn it sounds cheap,but 98% of people still feels happy~=])
10.Lastly & most importantly,being cared by someone you love~ <3

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