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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

F**K You Part 1:Cityliner Bus

Sorry for the vulgar words on the headings.I bet most of the fellas living at the northern Malaysia should get what I mean here.Yea,there's no bus service available for local route,especially for the suburbs~Let's have a look at my hometown first shall we?

And here's more:
A lady looking at the notice,how pathetic are we!
Screenshot of the news

While this may resemble the end of their so-call "Consistently loss of profit",the people,living in urban areas & outskirts is now suffering~I recall myself going back to my hometown with limited transport option,getting the-one-and-only bus number 2(Alor Setar-Sungai Petani) with awfulness.
Guess what,I walked back to my house at the price of 1 hour time(as I do not fancy cab service)!

Ever thought of social responsibility?How would you value a community where the people has limited mobility due to inconvenience?Who would spend a fortune to get a ride for taxi?And how many people out there afford to have cab service?
My question:Does the authority ever take any action?

You know the answer.It's been a month then,and I see no official statement given out from the local authorities.Being the largest bus company in the country is nothing but bullock if they can't serve the people.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

List Of A Little Enjoyments In Life~~

Here's what I've thought of while I was on the bus,check it out~~

1.Sit beside of the bus window,and look at the scenery(moving people & objects);merit if MP3s
   are plugged in~
2.Looking rain droplets in warm house with a cup of hot chocolate~
3.Listening to the fav song,the only fav song while looking at its lyrics(Well,different time has
   different feelings~)
4.Crave for food with friends,even if you'll gain few pounds & you cry for that~
5.Watching novel/e-book within a day!!(quite hectic,but it's fun to me!XD)
6.Tickle your best friend,and run away~
7.Throw pebbles/small stones to the river~
8.Learn a small trick,and show it to friends or family~
9.Pick up coins at the roadside(Damn it sounds cheap,but 98% of people still feels happy~=])
10.Lastly & most importantly,being cared by someone you love~ <3

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Direction in Blogging~~

Arh...mid-term exam is over,and so do my one week holiday~~Recalling of my output?RM50++(working part-time for 2 days) and ample time to sleep.
It has been for a while I didn't get a good sleep then.

Well fortunately,to enhance my total output for the holiday,I borrowed a book,which I want to share with you guys.Especially for those who wants to make revenue from their hobby.

Once I read a quote in Reader's Digest which says:
"Hobby doesn't pay you,you pay for the hobby." 

Yes,I agree with that.But haven't we look at a glance when hobby sometimes might work for you?
In this case,of course I'm mentioning about blogging.So this is the book I wanna introduce to folks here," Start Your Own Blogging Business" 2nd Edition by Jason R.Rich ~Here's the cover of the book:
Maybe some of you have seen this book,but personally this is the best guidebook I've seen so far.You see,there are lots of how-to guidebook in the market nowadays;and to seek for a simple yet informative ones aren't many.If you guys do remember,the primary reason why i first started blogging is to make money(hehe,I'm money-faced).But hey,not a bad idea if we can combine work plus hobby together,right?

Jason R.Rich is definitely writing the guidelines well.So,I'm going to rearrange my blogging style;that is to provide more sophisticated yet rich content.Please support me ya,and the book~=]

Will follow up soon.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Seems that my post today is full of grenade today~And yes,I have a statement to make,that is,
Phooh,we,as human beings,aren't born alone in this planet;that's why languages are created,and there are more than 2000 languages in the world,can't you make it a reply in ANY one of the languages?

Therefore,a feedback implies respect to the message the person has sent to you.Damn,I think Communication Skills should be taught not only in universities,but in primary schools as well~

Back to the question.The reason I choose here to speak out originates from the management.Yes,if there is any problem concerning an organisation/group/any bunch of people,it has always been the management as the culprit.
Time to have a short story to tell:
A week ago,I had an issue with the login details about my application in my school,and "according" to the login screen it quoted contact by email to so and so.So I followed the quide and sent an email with full details of my query.I waited.And I waited.......

The end of my story.I don't even get to know the ending of it.No reply,no anything.The main point is,THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME~~Don't they just think of the consequences if such delay becomes a norm?!

The verdict?People having faith to you becomes lesser and lesser.To the admin,I must say,go get a part-time course on admin management 'cause you're sucks!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Review On Registry Cleaner Free

So I have tried this tweak software named "Registry Cleaner Free".As most of you guys already know what registry cleaner does(if not refer to my previous blog post thanks),I'll give my review straight away~

This is its introduction about the software:
Who we are

Registry Cleaner Free is dedicated to bringing powerful PC optimization software to the new busy. Striving to improve PC performance, we stand on the principal that providing the best solution in the right way. With our professional R&D team, consisting of certified technicians, developers, marketers and management, we have made great achievements and are highly valued in this field.

Registry Cleaner Free Software products are really user-friendly, with the design concept of creating easy but powerful solution to improve computer's speed and stability. Characterized by multi-function, user-friendly interface, efficient support and the free charge, our software is always a splendid model in its class.

Registry Cleaner Free, striving for excellence in state-of-the-art global technology services, will do our utmost to continue in providing good solutions to meet consumers' need and bring them more excellent software and service.
 As for the screenshots:

Registry Cleaner Free :: Registry Cleaner Free - Overview

1. Registry Cleaner Free - Overview

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Windows Maintenance

2. Windows Maintenance

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Scanning

3. Scanning

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Curing

4. Curing

Registry Cleaner Free  :: Settings

5. Settings
Registry Cleaner Free :: Restore Center

6. Restore Center

Registry Cleaner Free :: Tools

7. Tools

As many other softwares available on the market,it has several features,namely registry cleanup,privacy sweep,junk files removal & system optimization.Extra utilities including control panel,system information,disk cleaner,disk checker,file pulverizer & cloned file filter is available in the software.To me it fulfills what it takes to be a all-rounder cleaner.

Nevertheless,it has its drawbacks,such as free versions can only fix 5 problems at a time,which is utterly not enough with the increasing use of machines(surely our machine has more than these numbers of problems).However,you may get the license for full version,by writing reviews on it;just like what I'm doing right now.

If only i get the full license,i swear Registry Cleaner software will be sufficient for your use in future~
For further information about this tweak software,visit the website by clicking here.

A Page On Registry Tweaks

I have always had an issue with my laptop.An IBM-manufactured 6-years old machine which had served me.....quite well~XD
You have to believe that the older is the thing,the better is its durability~Yea,though I have it as a second-hand stock,I'm happy with my lappy.

Until recently I have accidentaly "crushed" my Windows XP system,and that scares me a lot.Knowing that I have to be an expert in repairing,I search the net.Luckily,there's always a cure in the net,which i would like to share with you all today.

There are already hunderds,or thousands of articles mentioning about registry cleaner,booster,etc....
Now what exactly is registry?In my own words,I regard it as "keys to open multiple doors in a big,spacious mansion".Imagine your computer/laptop as a mansion,and there are many rooms inside it,which in this case your programs inside your machine.The more programs you have the more it will become cluttered.Therefore,we need a cleaner to keep our house tidy.

I will only give my briefings till here.Below are the article that I've found,courtesy of I love Free Software.Hope that it helps~=]
*PS:Do you think I should create a new blog on tech?Reply me if you see this,thanks~

Here are six best free registry cleaners to clean registry, repair registry, defragment registry, and remove unwanted registry entries.

WinMend Registry Defrag

WinMend Registry Defrag is free registry cleaner that rebuilds the registry index safely on your system without disturbing other settings of your system and clean registry space for optimization of your system memory. You can also improve system performance by cleaning your registry entries and free up the extra space consumed by these unwanted entries. This tool is safe, reliable, and simple to understand and use. You will be reminded to reboot your computer and installation.
Registry Defrag
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Its important features are:
Safe Reliable- The program uses advanced code for registry reconstruction which is based on numerous test runs performed by the application. Your OS is completely safe and secure while registry is rebuilt quickly in your system.
Intelligent recognition- Some of the settings in the Windows are not suitable for defragmentation and forced defrag process may harm your OS. But with this free registry cleaner, defragmentation is quite safe, since the application can smartly recognize the settings not suitable for defragmentation and alerts you to stop the process.
Very fast- The application is very quick so you save time using this product. The defrag program is 30% faster than any other application in the genre. Registry defragmentation can be completed within 2 minutes for most Windows systems.
Wizard based operation- The program has intelligent wizard to guide you step by step. Thus you complete your task hassle free and on time. Wizard is very useful to person who is unknown to registry defragged and clean up method, it makes cleaning easy for them.
Interfaces of 5 different colors are available in all WinMend applications. You can switch to a favorite one at any time to prevent visual fatigue. All applications fully support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.

Eusing Free Registry Defrag

Eusing Free Registry Defrag is free registry optimization software that optimizes registry by removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files. Over the time if you don’t manage your registry items and entries, they expand and consume more and more space in your system memory. Many of times, even when you delete or uninstall your application, the registry entries generated by them are not deleted and they still dwells in your system resources. Thus, Registry fragmentation causes decrease in system performance and thus hampering your costly system a good cost of maintenance.
But Eusing Free Registry Defrag is completely free to download and defragment and compact the Windows Registry in less than a minute. The program wil scan your computer through the registry to remove any slack space, reducing the registry size and thus the amount of RAM space the registry takes up, and in this way will improve your computer performance. However the application is safer, because it does not change the content of the registry or physically defrag the entries, but it optimizes the registry hives and compact them so that they consume economical system space.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

This application is appropriate for home users’ familiar with Windows Registries. The application is free to download and very easy to use. The application runs quickly and reliably with good back up features and restoring facilities with complete user guidance to fix registry errors.
The program looks for errs in the registry entries like missing files, invalid entries and remove those entries which are not useful and required by your system. Scanning is quick; a couple of minutes for a registry of 80,000-plus keys and fixing are even faster. You can view the details of all the proposed changes and uncheck specific ones you don’t want made.
The obsolete and corrupted entries in your system created by the Windows application will clutter your computer which can cause system errors, crashes, and failures. Therefore it’s extremely important to keep the Registry in update form by cleaning all the junk and fixing all the errors that accumulate over time in your PC. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is designed for fast and safe Registry optimization. It will detect and fix various Registry errors and ensure that your computer runs as good as new.

Registry Life

System stability largely depends upon system registries. This free registry cleaner is optimum solution for you to clean corrupted registry entries in your system. The application works in two simple modes:
Repairing Registry Errors – Corrupted and erroneous registry entries and keys will slow down your computer, as they consume space in the system memory. With this feature of the application you can clean and repair the registries and improve system speed and make it faster than before. You can run checks on the registry to detect more than ten different kinds of problems. At the same time, this tool deletes informational junk from the registry.
Optimization of Registry – Registry Life is a utility to defragment registry and compress them. The program optimizes the registry quickly and efficiently and displays results of this operation visually.

Comodo Registry Cleaner

This free registry cleaner scans your entire system and detects erroneous entries. The program is developed to repair and optimizes the entries after in depth scanning of the Windows. The more of registry entries that accumulates in your system, will result into slower system. This happens because; registry entries contain info that may be required by your OS to run application.
If too many entries are found by your OS, than more time it will take more time to execute commands and run application. Such slow system is tending to crash in the long run. Download this free registry cleaner which is absolutely free and safe to use.
The scan time taken up by this application is much lesser than that by other cleaners. This will of course, save your time and you may start cleaning your system early. Thus, Comodo System Cleaner contains a fully featured Registry Cleaner that removes corrupt and obsolete registry entries – often the cause of system instability and slow down.

GlarySoft- Registry Repair

This free registry repair and cleaning tool has highly intelligent engine that finds invalid registry entries in your system, before cleaning. The scanning process consumes less time and scans your system quickly to deliver great results. With few easy steps, you will be able to find corrupted entries, references and links in the Windows registry and provides a list of the errors found, you can then choose to selectively repair each item or automatically repair them all.
Whenever you will clean the registry a corresponding undo file is generated. With this feature you will be able to restore an entry mistakenly or unknowingly deleted by you using this application. Thus you can recreate an entry that is deleted. For further security, Registry Cleaner uses an ‘ignore list’ containing entries which when encountered upon while scanning are ignored.