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Friday, November 11, 2011


Seems that my post today is full of grenade today~And yes,I have a statement to make,that is,
Phooh,we,as human beings,aren't born alone in this planet;that's why languages are created,and there are more than 2000 languages in the world,can't you make it a reply in ANY one of the languages?

Therefore,a feedback implies respect to the message the person has sent to you.Damn,I think Communication Skills should be taught not only in universities,but in primary schools as well~

Back to the question.The reason I choose here to speak out originates from the management.Yes,if there is any problem concerning an organisation/group/any bunch of people,it has always been the management as the culprit.
Time to have a short story to tell:
A week ago,I had an issue with the login details about my application in my school,and "according" to the login screen it quoted contact by email to so and so.So I followed the quide and sent an email with full details of my query.I waited.And I waited.......

The end of my story.I don't even get to know the ending of it.No reply,no anything.The main point is,THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME~~Don't they just think of the consequences if such delay becomes a norm?!

The verdict?People having faith to you becomes lesser and lesser.To the admin,I must say,go get a part-time course on admin management 'cause you're sucks!

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